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Holy Spirit Speaks to Us..

Updated: Apr 7, 2018

4/11/16 3:33pm-documented Since Resurrection Sunday, the Lord has been manifesting Himself in unprecedented ways. God is wanting us to all wake up and see His goodness, and embrace life in its natural and supernatural state: He is saying, “Call out to Me in these days, because I have something for each of you. You are My children and I am going to show you how much I adore you. I will set My foot down in your lives for you to see that I still stand tall in your lives. I am your Provider, I am El Shaddai-The Supreme Justice. I will correlate with all those in the judicial systems and set the precedence. I AM First and Foremost. I will not be forgotten any longer. All the world will hear of My goodness and love for everyone. My Grace is upon all who do not know me yet. I will wait until they come to Me, but they will come to Me. They will know I am Abba Father, they will know I am Elohim. The lands will even bow down to My name. I will show up in finances, homes, families, in workplaces- I have no limits! I AM EVERYWHERE. All will know MY NAME. God is here! All that call My name will be blessed- Call My Name and seek Me and you will have your hearts desires. Seek Me First and all these things will be added unto you! – I have spoken.” This word comes two hours before a major torrential hail storm hit North Dallas- and after the storm- which took about 10 minutes, I looked up and took a picture of the clouds opening up and the rays of sunlight shining bright- God is showing His power in these days. I am a vessel as I’ve said time and time again! I began this year with a declaration and the Lord placed in my spirit to tell you all, “if you believe this YEAR, then He will manifest Himself”! You can actually go back to the January podcast archive to hear the words given to me over the course of the year! These words are directed to His children and we are all walking in His Glory. Step into it! Allow yourselves to follow the unction of the Holy Ghost. #healingheartsshow

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