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Control It!

I’m excited to continue blogging on this Women’s International Day! I hope and pray that God has blessed you this week so far! I hope you are all in a blessed space. I must say that life is super fragile. Take time to love on those you call family, those that you call friends…even those that drive you crazy sometimes – please, take time to send a message of love via phone, text – facetime…You don’t know if you will have a chance again- life is extremely fragile. If you ever find yourself in a place of loneliness or just life’s struggles…know that you are not the only one, and you can prevail. You will prevail. You are strong and can stand giving yourself another chance and another day.

I’m coming to you today with a topic of “CONTROL”. It may not be from the angle you may be thinking…

God has been touching each of you for some time for intimate times with Him. Religion is simply showing others HOW YOU RELATE WITH GOD! But relationship is HOW YOU SHOW GOD HOW YOU RELATE WITH HIM!! The difference here is that you can be YOU in a relationship! In religion YOU are WHO OTHERS WANT YOU TO BE! Ever feel like that in any of your relationships? I come to you today, simply as a vessel to relay to you that God has been nudging you for a simple conversation, a simple hug, or love that surpasses no other! That’s our GOD! He will send you people to remind you how much He loves you! I’m here to say that the reason you made it through that stressful time is because HE LOVES YOU! The reason He provided for you in those financial slumps- because He loves you! The reason he blessed you with the children you have is because He loves you!

There is no rhyme or rhythm to these words today….Simply put, God is wanting intimacy again with you! The reason I say AGAIN, is because the Word says in Jeremiah 29:11 “for I knew the plans for your life”… I’ve used this visual analogy before about our spirits once being in the Heavens with our Heavenly Father….and then we are released to come to earth for our Earthly assignments….

His Hand has been upon each and every one of us since before we were born from our mothers’ wombs. Relationship is much more important than how the world created what RELIGION is- do not be fooled or even compromise who God made each of us to become in our lives today. We all have special gifts deep within ourselves and He is calling each of you to use them for HIM!

Wow that was something in my heart during these crazy times- and it was most prevalent during Covid when the actual building of church was not accessible to all of us. God sought out our hearts and our conversations still…and we should still be in tuned with His Heartbeat.

Now, that brings me to lead into the Phases of Control in our lives…We all want to be able to control some parts of our lives, don’t we?

Well, some points that I heard many years back in CHURCH…were basically a standard in my walk of life, and still are to this very day….as I stated earlier in that analogy with God giving us Earthly assignments….Our lives are assigned to each of us, whether we understand it or not. And to put plainly for you, I will explain it this way….

Our first phase in life is controlled by our parents, correct? So, wouldn’t you agree that that our parents helped us out in our developmental stages? WE WILL CALL THIS PARENTAL CONTROL!

We are in our developmental stages as newborns, infants, toddlers, preschoolers, school-aged children, and adolescents. Even in psychology there are stages in development: which are; physical growth, cognitive growth, and social-emotional growth development.

With that said, we all go through our growth stages spiritually, as well. I was brought up with the strong foundation of love, family unity, and faith. Then there took a turn (look guys, I’m human too!)… which leads me to the second phase of control which is SELF-CONTROL. After the adolescent years where we are no longer under our parents’ roofs and pay our own bills, we learn about ourselves on a whole new level! Some individuals experience many different things in this SELF CONTROL phase! We tend to try to find ourselves and become into ourselves more. When we become into ourselves, we make mistakes, we learn, we grow, and continue to be challenged with making things happen on our own! Well, this is where my life went astray, I chose all the wrong paths to find myself! This leads to the next phase of control….

Finally the point where you realize you CANNOT do this all on your own!! You have been broke/busted and disgusted – done it every way YOU KNEW HOW, and nothing worked? And this is when I decided to give GOD CONTROL of my wheel- since I was spinning all out of control!!

Everyone’s phases are timed differently- mine were definitely timed differently from anyone else!! For example, getting remarried at 45 and having a baby at 46! While God knew all of this, I felt I was late at life for finding true love. God knew the time and place of my growth. I realized that it wasn’t a race with anyone else! However, giving GOD CONTROL again, like He knew me in the beginning of time, you may see things start lining up in your life! I am honestly living proof! Not by anything my parents/friends/family did, but by my own willingness TO GIVE UP ALL MY SELF CONTROL TO GOD!!

I have been a true testament of God taking my wheel and Him showing me how much He loves me and wants to bless my messed-up life! I’m not perfect, but perfect to Him for just giving it all back to Him!

I challenge you this week, to start letting go and giving stress, frustrations, loneliness, and so on and so forth to Him- and watch Him make the changes in your life! Remember the fundamental phases of control; Parental, Self and God!

We have all gone through these phases somewhere in our lives, from Parental control, to Self-control, to God control…. the freest you will ever feel is when God is in control- I know that for certain as I sit here living life happily married with my miracle daughter!

My second challenge to you this week, turn your self-control into God control and watch how different your week will be! May God guide you all into a safe and prosperous weekend!

*Thank you, Father, for another day. Each day given to us is from You, and we do not take it for granted. I give you the honor and glory for allowing me to see another to share Your Gospel. To share Your Love. Your Truths. I ask that you make me small, so that you are Huge in Glory as my friends read this blog. Thank you and I say this in your mighty name, Amen.

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