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Mela Meli giving thanks for all God has graced her to accomplish on this journey!


Who said the Gift of Gab wasn't a true gift? Well, here is a testament to the Power of Talk!


This loud, New York-bred girl lives in Tampa, Florida, and graduated from University of South Florida with a Psychology Degree. Currently works as a Case Manager, and has a passion to help the brokenhearted, give hope to the hopeless, and give to the needy. Her compassion is driven by her travel journeys which began at the very young age of 17 when she joined the U.S. Army.  She enjoyed learning new cultures and has a fearless spirit. She continued walking out life with the hopes to help those whom need to be fed spiritually, physically and emotionally!

Mela Meli blessed to be in studio for over 5 years!

I have also have had a passion to journal my life experiences; including all the joys and pains. My transparency has helped many in their times of hurts and/or needs, which has led me to the path of radio! 

I have recently found my love for radio talk! Broadcasting on the air has become the bridge to bond millions of people with common struggles, pains and even goals to heal! I have created an avenue to share my writings and podcasts for everyone to read and listen! 

​Furthermore, I could not have done this without the encouragement of my cherished husband, who continues to support me through all the changes life has to offer! And lastly, to my darling daughter, you are my reason! My purpose to strive and help you grow into a strong woman- my entire purpose! 

Melissa "MeLa MeLi" LaBoy Griffin

Healing Hearts Show, Radio Host/Personality

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