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A Birthing Time!

We are in the most unprecedented times of history! In this day we see much distortion, anger, confusion and sempiternity. But, God has a time and place for these days in His Mighty book. We may never understand it all in our life times, but trusting God's process is the only way to get through these times.

God has a word for each of us. His Word is "it's birthing time!" I received this word last June and didn't understand why 2020 would be so different? My mind couldn't grasp why God would give me a new revelation six months in advance!? I then trusted....and became pregnant with my first child. I held onto a word, and trusted some more. I had a scare in January that brought my faith to a test- and I was hospitalized with preterm labor, bleeding and contractions at 24-weeks. I believed it was over and I didn't want to live another day! Then I trusted....

Here comes Covid-19 to ruin the world in 2020! However, God's word still remained, "it's birthing time"! What? How could anyone give birth during these trying times? Well, April comes along and I give birth to the most beautiful angel, that God had promised me over a decade ago! I'm overjoyed, yet the world is still crying out for help with over a million Covid-19 deaths, and new protocols to walk around with masks on!? How could all this be? I continued to trust...

We are currently in the ninth month of 2020, and still following Covid-19 protocols (some of us anyways) and God is saying "it's birthing time" to all of you reading this today. Birthing of dreams, birthing of businesses, birthing of new creative ventures, birthing of babies to first time parents, birthing of family reconciliations, birthing of fortunes, birthing of mental awareness, birthing of books, birthing of new homes and so much more. God is using these times to push out of us what we thought could never be! Are you able to comprehend His love for us? It means much more than a virus! It means your destiny!

God is greater than all the aforementioned- He is Alpha and Omega. And He has a way of showing us. It may not be how we want or when we are ready for it, He just knows all before we do. WE must trust His ways. He is pushing out the nonsense, he is pushing out what has kept us in bondage from our true destinies, He is pushing out our fears so that we can walk by faith. The process of birthing us into our new lives is not easy, nor is it for the faint at heart. WE must press on together and know that God has the absolute perfect plan for this world. Trust Him and know that you will birth the the greater version of your lives before the year ends!

Be blessed and hold onto our Daddy's hand! oxoxo

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