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Beautiful Flower!

What a beautiful day today! First, my walk in the preserve, then fellowship with my church family.

On my journey in the preserve, God showed me a beautiful red flower. Only problem with this flower was, it was smack-dab in the middle of a bunch of bushes, thorns, rubbish in the prairie. God showed me that in order get a hold of that flower, one would have to:

a.) endure the pain of being stuck by thorn bushes

b.) dodge a few snakes

c.) maybe a few bee stings

d.) walk a long distance, and

e.) even encounter a coyote or some wild animals.

God showed me the value of that beautiful flower today! He told me clearly, "that in order for someone to be worthy of such inner/outer beauty they would have to endure pain, stings from others, walking a distance, and dealing with snakes etc. The value of His beauty doesn't come easy. Are you worthy of such beauty?

if you endured pain, stings from others, walking a long lonely journey, then you are probably more beautiful than you think!

Be blessed! xoxo

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