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You Ever Wonder Why?

You ever wonder why things happen to us that we aren't even prepared for? You ever wonder why we lose people we love, or even gain people we don't deserve? Well, I'm sure I'm not the only one with these daily thoughts...God has to keep reminding this girl, right here, that He knew the plans for my life before the foundation of the earth! He keeps reminding me that "His ways are not my ways"...He keeps telling me he knows the "plans to prosper me and not to harm me, plans to give me hope and a future." So with all this said, God knew that we would lose loved ones in our lives, he knew people would enter our lives that we weren't particularly ready for or even deserved. God knows all making Him truly and amazingly Omniscient! WE cannot doubt His power and love for each of us. We must trust His ways for our lives. I have had to make this conscience decision myself daily. Will you decide to give your "wonder why questions" to God?? You must trust His Jeremiah 29:11 word for your life. It's just not for me, writing this, it's for all of us that are seeking and wondering WHY for our lives.  God will challenge us daily by placing situations in our lives to test our faith and love for Him...have you felt this in your own lives? What is God specifically testing in your life? Take that thing and give it right back to God and watch His blessings rain down on you in this season! Giving it back to Him allows Him to work with you-- give Him all your losses, concerns, failures, doubts, fears and watch Him turn it all around for YOUR GOOD! Be encouraged my sweet friends!

I love you guys! xoxo

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