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Winds of Change

Amazing view- the world is so small Lord, yet such a massive place! There are so many ends that I want to witness.  I always knew I’d see Your world that You provided for us to live on, and I’m ready and willing to see it all. It’s amazing how some are so narrow minded that can’t see what you have out there.  You showed me a long time ago! And it’s time; I’m ready for Your changes, your blessings, your supernatural ways. “The Winds of Change” (tonight as the winds blow, sitting on my balcony) have become evident in this new stage in my life. I love where I am, but am so ready for this NEW PLACE You have for me. I am a firm believer and lover of your Word. You have sought me through so much in my life, not many people endure it, Father, and for some reason You chose me!  I don’t want to walk without you. For seven years, I left You, and I am sorry for idolizing marriage. I would like another chance, Father, I want to do this right and WITH YOU! Allow this walk to be precious in your sight; I’m tired of the mundane. People have said I’m too practical, too spiritual, too non-realistic, too flaky, but the truth is, Your Truth is the most REAL I can ever experience. People didn’t understand what I’ve seen, what I’ve felt, what I’ve HEARD! God, NO ONE knows and You continuously show out in my life. That’s the truth!  There’s nothing FANTASTICAL or whimsical about that! It’s honest TRUTH- These are the steps I want to continue to follow with you! I know there’s a lot of work left and I’m by far never “ready” for what You do in my life, but here I am Father. I’ve come a long way from last year and ready for this walk with YOU! I’m meeting you wherever You are! I love you, Lord! Xoxo

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