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Unexpected Turbulence

Updated: Apr 9, 2018


Amazing how a person can one day assume their day will be the status quo, and to their surprise, experience unexpected turbulence. Today was that day, and throughout it all, I gave God the glory and honor when I almost lost it. I fly up high on this flight tonight just praising God that I am safe, sound and on my way to see family. My day which seemed to begin normally; waking at 3am to catch a 6am flight to see the family in Florida, catching a ride to airport and flying by security within minutes. Unbeknownst to me, my day would take a turn. Arriving in Chicago and finding out the connecting flight has cancelled and having to pay for another carrier to take me home, only to have that carrier cancel their flight as well. My nerves could only handle so much!! I call the carrier and they are able to place me on another flight with yet, a 3rd carrier. Although, tired and weary, I remained calm with attendant on phone (Lord knows I wanted to cry and yell), and she helped me in my time of need. I had the first carrier on the my other ear, trying to get a refund for cancelling last minute and remaining calm with her too, I was able to get my refund. God showed me something in all this, (and no it wasn’t my future husband in Chicago, as I wished), it was that in my time of weariness and frustration, He remained my Constant. God was my strength in my time of total weakness. I wanted to cry. I let everyone on the phone know it too! I was just tired. My feet hurt, my bag was heavy on my back, running from one terminal to another, just to be turned around to walk another ‘Green Mile”! I was done! I prayed. God gave me a sense of peace. He showed me the steps of a righteous man are ordered by Him. I remained calm as His child and His representative! He gave me grace in my tired times and all was won in the end. God still remains constant. This goes for all your weariness, frustrations, weaknesses, and breakdowns. He is there! Believe me when I tell you this today…I am a temperamental individual, so I totally understand how easy it is to blow your top! I have asked my Papa Father to help me with this, and I’ve been tested so much lately. These past few days and weeks have been trying. And I know I am not the only one! We are all being taken to the next level- so there has to be unexpected turbulence in your world so that you are not prepared. And your character begins to seep out in these turbulent times. The real character that God has been trying to repair within you! I am far from perfect or being complete. But one thing I know, is that I cannot move in any direction without my Heavenly Father! Understand this, we are in NEW days. God is awakening our core! He wants to open us up to so much more than ourselves. Give Him that opportunity to work deep within you. Trust Him to know what He’s doing is for our best interest. He’s a gracious Father. Our worries in this world are tests, to see what comes out of our core. Allow unexpected turbulence to shake you up and bring out the best in you, not the worst! God is doing a great work inside you. Trust Him and know greater is coming ahead. Love you’s! xox

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Felix L. Griffin
Felix L. Griffin
2018년 6월 30일

Great Post! Love the takeaway: " God is doing a great work inside you. Trust Him and know greater is coming ahead." Thanks for sharing.

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