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The Dragon and the Red Box

Earlier this year I experienced how to control my anger and replace it with love! I am not sure how many of you out there deal with past issues that have left you with scars, hurts and unforgiveness?! But I am certainly a witness to all of the pains you've endured.

Again, earlier this year I learned from my counselor how to view my own anger issues. She placed me in a large room with lots of props. She asked me to pick an item that represented my "anger". I searched in the toy chest and found a toy dragon. I placed it in front of my feet and she asked me to look for an item that represented my "love". I looked around and I spotted a glittery red box and placed it beside the ugly toy dragon. She asked me to describe the feeling that arose within me when I became angry- and I expressed how the "dragon" became very large and scared people. I continued to share that this overwhelming feeling didn't make me happy at all. She asked me what I could do to subside my anger? I told her I could love more! And I used the red box to stuff the dragon into and hide the ugly toy! I explained that if the red box became more prominent then anger would not have a major role in my emotions anymore. She was amazed at my description. And since that moment, I've been able to take that vision of the dragon stuffed in that red box and use it as my daily reminder when I feel angry.

Today I sit here and humbly share my emotional issues with you and can honestly share that my "dragon" has been suffocated by my shiny "red box"! I love to love and share my heart with the hurting! I am an open book and transparent for those that know me personally. I have dealt with anger over past issues, and have learned that the only one that was really suffering was myself!! And I pray that none of you have to suffer!

Remember to place your ugly dragon in a shiny red box, like I did. And watch your life turn around! Many blessings to you all!! Love you's!!❤️

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