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Star of David

I must say during this Holy week, I have had so much to reflect on in my life. I have to re-evaluate my relationships, my connections and my self worth- I have stood firm in who I am, and Who I truly belong to. I had to be reminded recently that during this season, God has opened the Windows of Heaven for my life. Although my life is not perfect, and never will I proclaim "perfection", I truly give thanks to God for the Grace over my life in all my imperfections     God gave me a vision in my sleep last night, that I will share with you all. In this dream, I was at a fair of some sort on a sunny day. The clouds suddenly opened up mid-day and you could see the STARS- during the broad daylight, it also looked like it was night time.  And a clear vessel was lifting millions of people like a vacuum. I saw adults going up, and even tiny babies. It was bright in nature. Then when the "vacuum" stopped and disappeared, a bright BLUE & WHITE IMAGE OF STAR OF DAVID appeared in the sky. And out loud, I gasped, and said "Oh my God, the Star of David!" As we went back to the fair festivities, I was standing next to an old friend of mine, Isaac, and we talked about this 'rapture' and we realized that we were 'left behind'. My spirit began to cry out!      Are there areas in your life that you need to focus on and turn over to God? I must say this vision was for me and woke me from this mundane walk. I want a supernatural walk with God while I am I here on earth. I pray the same for each of you...."God, have your way with Your Children. Those of us that need more of You, and less of ourselves. Lord, there are many out there that are fearful in asking for Your Hand upon their lives. Bring the right people in their lives to direct them back to You! I pray all bondages or holds in their lives be broken, in your Mighty Name! Father, thank you for healing the broken! Thank you for answering this prayer for all those reading this right now! I pray this in your mighty name! Amen!"

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