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Purest Love

The advantages of love are more than can be listed, but as I sit here and realize how much our God loves us so much—there's no comprehension. Love comes in many facets in this society, yet to God it comes in ONE form—Himself!

Love. Dependable, noncomprehending, unprecedented, non-judgmental—pure! Have you known such a love? When you have, you know it’s of God. He shares such a deep part of my being and I desire more of this entity of love. I yearn for this comfort called Love, in its purest form. God knew when He created me, how much I’d want this love of His. He knew one day, I’d ask for a piece of his Love, joy and peace! And for the first time in my short life, I can say this love is like no one can describe.

Love is described as patient, kind, non-judgmental, and I’ve experienced this even with those who are unlovable or non-reciprocated. Just like our Heavenly Father—through all the rejection, hurt, and betrayal, He loved.

Love is not easy. It’s not made to be easy—but pure.  In its purest form, it comes from a deeper place that you didn’t even realize you had within you.  It’s deeper than your own personal well of ‘feelings’. Love does more for you than any emotion to mankind.

More love poured into this sick, defiled and hurting world is what is required of us!  I can stand firm on how love hurts in every fashion. Why does it hurt? Yes, because we must die from ourselves. We must die of pride, anger, bitterness, hurt and discouragement. It hurts to strip ourselves to a vulnerable state.

Today, I say “strip me”! I’d rather love until it hurts! I have pure hurts, betrayals; bitterness and pride that I no longer want to hold onto—but transfer it to a pure love.  It does not matter how I’m perceived! Some may perceive me as weak or too sensitive. In essence, I’m stronger than anyone can truly comprehend or care to talk about, because He is Love and lives in me! My strength is not of my own. My obedience to LOVE when I don’t want to makes me stronger than you will ever know!

“Will you ever love to love like me?” says the Lord. I choose to say, “YES!” How about you?💞

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