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On Jan 31, I posted the most vulnerable blog, and was dealing with an internal battle....well, just as I promised I was going to report back with praises! I wanted to share that God has shown up and shown out within 13 days! So many events in such a short time, and I cannot even comprehend all that has transpired in the 13 days, but I will do my best to share the order of events., right here with you all! God challenged me to give Him a $204 seed! He told me it would return 100 fold! But we hear that all the time, don't we? Well, I didn't want to mis-hear this time....and began asking questions....HE SAID RELEASE WHAT IS MINE! I released it on 2/7/16 and.....

2​/13- had an unexpected accident involving a child opening the door into my car- causing $3000 damages. 2/17-Had situation at work arise with unruly physician trying to belittle my character, intellect, and work ethic- He tried to cause a rise within me, and I continued to press through the day and remained faithful that it would work out-that evening I received reimbursement from insurance for all damages- ​​​And unexpected email for opportunity of a lifetime! 2/19- Received an unexpected call from insurance company reimbursing me in full. Also received an unexpected amount of income tax return!! 2/23-An open door presented itself that I could not refuse- and recently had to make the decision of a lifetime. The acceleration in this process could have only been of God....Timing was impeccable! I received another amazing increase!

God is certainly one that will not lie! And to think, I was whining about a $200 seed! I cannot even fathom the greatness of events the past few weeks! God is showing up like He said He would! And has much, much more in store for our obedience. He is telling each of us, to hear Him and follow His ways. I am certain that you will receive greatness if you would just be obedient to His subtle voice in your life! I guarantee that you will have a tremendous amount of blessing come your way! #challengeHim

Try Him! xoxo​​​

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