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My Prayer

Heavenly Father, thank you for new encounters every day! Thank you for new opportunities every day! Thank you for new chances every day! On this day, I pray for those that have fear in their lives. I pray that this spirit be annihilated in Jesus name! God, hear our cries for the souls that seek you and yet flesh consumes them! I pray abundant blessings for those that seek you. Gracious Father, Give us the strength for the day to day endeavors we must face! I pray right now for that hungry soul that needs spiritual food. Pour your Awesome, supernatural power into them, Father, and give them a sense of strength and love. I pray for those hurting right now- the ones hiding and masking behind all their hurts. Reveal to them the truth and BE THEIR TRUTH! Thank you for hearing the cries of Your children! WE love you and await your abundant blessings in our lives! In Jesus’ mighty name, Amen!❤️

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