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My Personal Love Letter to God

Lord where do I even begin on this journey? This is my first time sitting in my apartment typing on the laptop to you. I’ve felt more alive this year than I’ve ever felt and I thank you for breathing Life back into my spirit. You are my Only Source Father. I cannot move, walk, talk or function without your Hand upon my life. With that said, I need you now more than ever. I need your Breath to guide me through these words on this paper. I need a fresh anointing to write to pass this Breath to millions. I have heard Your Word throughout the years, Father and forgive me for not following through. Forgive me for putting the ‘idea of marriage’ before my calling for my life. Father, I know the work you have for me is only for me. I ask now specifically, that you hand it over to me….whatever it is that you set aside for me. I am ready and although You have already sensed the fear in my heart (for the unknown), You have comforted me with Your words “DO NOT DOUBT”, You saw it in an instant. My heart palpitated out of fear, and You told me instantly to “Give it to Me”. I love you Father, and I’m not prepared for this journey. I am not even equipped. I trust you. I only want you to guide me and remove those distractions along the way. Bring back to me what is right for my life and journey thereafter. I love you and know you have the best in store for my life. I sit here with tears in my eyes, just knowing in the past few weeks, what an impact you have been in MY life, and then for me to share it with others and to be an impact in their lives. I am ready and Lord to be honest, not ready at the same time, if that makes any sense. I know when you move, You move Big and I don’t even deserve it. I have made so many mistakes Father, I have seen right from wrong, and still chose wrong. I feel this life has taught me so much and I can FEEL the torments out there. I am compassionate towards the individuals that have no direction, I feel led to help those that have no guidance in their lives. I also know the pains that most feel. I cannot completely explain how I ache when they ache. I cannot even explain how I feel the pains of brokenness. You have already told me Father, you are sending me the Broken. Father, there have been so many occasions where I have written and Your Voice took over and directed my pen. You have guided my footsteps. You have walked this painful journey. I know that You have been here. I feel You daily. You speak to my spirit daily Father and I love that we can walk this walk together! I love that You protected me. You saved me. I could not take another step without You from here on out. This 2014 year was the year that you said would be “spirit led”. And so far, half of the year has gone and everything was led by You. I feel things lined up in the exact order you wanted them. I am still in awe. I have never thought I would get this far. I have a Psychology Degree. And the things you have in store for me, don’t even line up in the human eye. That is why I’m giving my all right now. I am trusting that I am walking in alignment with you. I am ready for that much. Now, what I’m not particularly ready for is the “how”. I know you will provide in ways no one could imagine. I am willing to wait and open my heart to Your Ways. I know I have said this before in previous written prayers. But Father, Now I feeling Your ‘tug’. I feel it in the waking hours in intercessory prayer- I feel it when you send particular individuals in my life. I feel it and trust that it’s time. It’s all becoming clear. Clarity was for this year. I feel I have been led this year and know because I’m where I am in this current state. You have my back! Thank you so much Father- I definitely need your guidance as I prepare all these writings and organize what I’ve had on my heart over the past 30 years of my life. So, Father, give me the vision on what needs to take place first. Step by step ordinance from You is what I need. I need You to be my teacher, editor, provider, marketer, business partner. I need you to send those in my life that can teach, market, edit these works that you have in my spirit. As I get these nuggets in my spirit to share with the world, I will promise to write it down and document times/dates. I have been doing this for years, and not even sure if that is the ‘right way’. I want to leave behind a legacy for my family and future. Use me now. Whatever it is, please speak loud and clear so that I may not miss my mark (as I’ve done so many times). I am ready.  Walk with me in this journey. It may not be easy, it may be frustrating at times, and it may even require sacrifice. Please stand with me. I cannot do this on my own. I don’t want to do this on my own, actually. I want it all coming from you. And I need to know that it’s from you. I need confirmation daily. I need YOU!! Here we go, Father. It’s me and You! I love you! Your daughter,

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