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Love=Love, Hate=Hate; There's No Confusion

Heavenly Father, I open up and pray for those lost in the latest events this past week in Paris, France! I pray for peace and strength for the families involved. Heavenly Father, as horrible as these events may seem, please pour out Your unending love on this world right now. BREATHE ON US! Holy Spirit move on this earth in a way that the enemy cannot prevail much longer. As the enemy's time dwindles down, we are being persecuted, abused, killed and betrayed- just like you were when You were on here earth. So, Father, we know that you know how it feels! Have mercy on the souls that do not know any better! Cover us with your love and save those that are lost in this world! Time is coming short for the enemy and we see it. Please continue to strengthen Your army of soldiers! We are in the Army of the Most High- so strengthen those that want to continue this fight for souls! Thank you for saving our wretched lives from this horrible world. WE STAND UNITED in knowing that our day will come in the Kingdom and we must endure this here on earth to win souls. Give us supernatural strength, wisdom and resources in these end times, and I say this in your Mighty and Awesome Name! Amen!!

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