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Love letters

Father, time has gone by and changes have occurred within.  I’m so excited for the growing stages and I know there’s yet much time before I become ‘grown’.  I have prayed prayers that seemed too shallow and I repent for those prayers, Father. I extend my prayers to those who NEED you Father. I have seen that everything that has occurred in my life wasn’t for ME!  Everything You did on earth wasn’t for You but you thought of us! So, I am to walk this walk for souls! I’ve realized this Father. Forgive me, Father, for all I have done knowingly and unknowingly. I am Yours.  I have really tried my hardest to become who YOU made me to be. I am learning my purpose- people are being moved in and moved out for Your purposes in my life. Continue to shadow my steps, Father. I want Your touch in EVERYTHING I do here on earth until I return with You in Heaven.  I no longer am concerned with things of this world like the “need” of a mate, a family, money, fame etc. Lord, that’s all in Your Hands, although I may not see, sense or understand Your ‘doing’ –please give me Your wisdom. I want to walk Your every pulse.  Every movement inspired by Your breath, and every touch to be directed by You, Lord. You inspire me and I thank you for my words which are creative. Use my pen to touch souls, I love you and live for You and YOU only!

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