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Love Letter to God...

Higher levels—Father, I’m on Higher levels today! I can only count on you for where I’m going! No one can understand my thinking—thank you for new levels, thank you for changes in my own spirit! I know and see it’s of You! This change can only from You! The trust you require from me is not EASY!  Yet I’m willing and able to give you all my trust! I love that I can trust you tremendously!! You know you have created us in this earthly realm, that I feel, “to be more than what it really is”—it’s majestically amazing when you are in the midst of my life! You hve truly watched over my life and directed me supernaturally! I love that I can count on you for my life. I have continued to seek favor in other relationships- and I’m truly YOUR child. I am really ready for your abundance that you spoke of so many times to me.  You have spoken so clearly, Father, I know your word is to ME! You are my ultimate provider and anything you are preparing and doing in my life right now, I give you charge over it!  I have had a tremendously trying year!  Please let the upcoming season be more fruitful! The emptiness and loneliness in my life will be no longer since you are in my charge over my life! I am no longer slave to this world—I want you, Father! Thank you for your Grace and Protection over my life lately!  I love you always! I thank you for every tiny thing, to every HUGE thing you’ve done for me! I love you always and forever! – Amen.  ~Your Daughter

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