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Love Letter to God

My plan is to accomplish your will, I just need Your guidance every step. It’s scary in this world to walk blindly. But it’s time to be bold and take up that rod and step forward. There’s none other like you, Father. I want to continue walking with you. Who knows where You’ll ever lead me, but I don’t want to my writings known when I’m long gone! It’s special to be in your Almighty presence. I seek your face for my plan and purpose. “Guide ME!”, I cry. No more blindness in these eyes, allow me to see the gifts and blessings you have for me! I no longer worship the things of this world, nor do I desire to be part of it all. I want You! No man, no other to direct my path! I want the narrow- I want Your Hand, it’s today, NOW that I expect your blessings, not yesterday, not tomorrow, Father but NOW! I want to be Yours. I’ve given my mind, body and soul to You! It’s NOW, I expect – you are in me Father and let it be known! No more games, but Your guidance is all I seek. Touch me, Father, breathe upon me a fresh anointing to follow through with your plan for my life. BREATHE ON ME FATHER! Cover me every day I move forward- I may not be a preacher, I may not be famous, but now Father being in your presence is what I long for and seek—You!  (The water is my secret = GRACE)

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