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Life Classes

It’s another gorgeous day and I give you all the glory and honor for saving me daily! I know prayer works! And I will always seek you and you only! I have truly been blessed and thank you for covering me with your ultimate love—I have sought a pure love and it seems you are the Only Provider of such a true love.  I don’t deserve it all, yet your Grace abides! I sit here (getting oil changed) and look back at my 2013 year. I’ve learned I don’t control everything, YOU do! I’ve learned I don’t know everything, YOU do! I’ve learned I’m human covered by your Grace! I’ve learned you did not allow these things because you don’t love me. I’ve learned the tests were truly my testimony to help others through their tests! I’ve learned love is absolutely patient!!! I’ve learned to control my mouth! I’ve learned I cannot keep anything from you, you know our EVERY STEP!  You’ve shown me how to have integrity; you’ve shown me how to love the unlovable! Wow! 2013 was an entire LIFE CLASS! With so much to learn, I’m sure! One thing I know for sure, I am alive and well because of YOU and no one else!! I love you and thank you for being my Teacher!

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