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Let Go!

Wow! Changes already occurring and I see how "letting go" really benefits when we leave it all to you, Father! You have truly, truly showed me the essence of patience! I've listened to your words not even understanding what you were preparing for my life- I'm so blessed this year of 2015!! So blessed and wonderfully at peace! It's definitely been tested and I wanted to quit, cry and pout- but, you kept telling me to "hand it over" to you! And Lord, I have! Nothing can come between you and I! I have felt your tug, pull, push and even, pick me up!! I've felt your protection over my life. I haven't done things perfectly, but sought you every time I made a mess of things! This year feels like a blessing! BIG BLESSING! I know you are setting it all up! I sense it! And I'm forever grateful that you love me so much to walk out this life fully blessed. Family, love and prosperity will be for me this year! Amazing how I can see it! I can see how blessed everyone I come into contact with will be also! This is amazing to me Lord! I've got a glimpse- and it's beautiful! Thank you! Without needing all the details, I can fully trust you and LET GO! Thank you Father- so blessed! I truly am!


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