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Guided Rules....

On a wonderful Sunday morning after a powerful word at church, dealing with our habits, God spoke to me on my 'sacred spot'- my couch! LOL...and heard the word "write!" I wasn't prepared, so I had to get up and get my pen and journal. I heard The Voice of God speak these words, loud and clear: "I am here! I trust you with My words, my child. You must write and share with my people- Guided Rules will be given in this season. You will have your heart's desires, my child. I've see it all, heard it all, this season you will have Guided Rules come from Me. No one will guide you, but Me, saith The Lord. You are to follow Me, despite the confusion, naysayers, and enemies in your life. Follow Me- is your first Guided Rule. Second, ignore the wrong doing, ignore the foes- I AM the Way! I love you and desire to speak to you more in the upcoming days. Please know it is I who speaks to your hearts and not you, or your mind- I am within you, I am your Power, I am your Voice of reason, I am your reason to live, you are My child to spread the word of Love! I AM love, I am in you, you will have everlasting love and power in my Name. Follow these Guided Rules. I am going to guide you into your next realm- know it is I who promotes you, know that I have come to give you everlasting life. I will continue to speak directly through you, my child. Now you must hear My still Voice. You must obey and your desires shall come to pass. I will GUIDE YOU. Do not be weary in well doing. I am the Power within you. Call out My Name and surely I will be there. I am your Father, your Guide, your Counselor, your Hero. Know I know all your flaws and iniquities. I know when and what to provide for you. My Spirit speaks in love, follow steps 1 & 2 and I will guide you. I am your Power. I have spoken."

Be Blessed, my loves. This is for you!  ​oxox

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