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God says Reflect...

Reflection. Another word from God and I hear you loud and clear, Lord. For the past two months I've been to myself and remained faithful. I've had weak moments, but Lord, I repented and asked that you could forgive me. Forgive me! I try and still fail! I have learned in the past two months that 'reflection' is so important. A reflection of God is what I strive for but come short daily! Thank you for covering me daily with your Grace.  I love you and want to reflect your image. Mirror you and allow the world to see the illumination! I understand everything comes from you and you only! You are my only source. I know there is no limit when it comes to your blessings. I anticipate those unexpected, and limitless blessings. I want the world to see what YOU have done in my life. I do not write or pray to you with an entitled attitude. But a truly humbled attitude

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