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God's Word

Soft and Gentle. Hear My Voice- I am that I am and know your life, my child. You are safe with Me and I have never left or forsaken you. I’ve watched you grow my child. Now listen, my plans will be much in your life. I have your life set- but you must listen and hear Me.  You are to follow my ways and write about it. Your gift of writing to many—many to come! Your words through Me fill hearts and heal. You will be my vessel and the time is NOW- adhere to My every Word. I will send those to you, my child, seek me and ALL these things will be added to you- seek My Kingdom and you will be blessed. KNOW that My plans for your life are greater than what you think or are doing NOW. You will be blessed abundantly for following Me and being obedient. Now follow the course I have set before you- DO NOT listen to outside sources—Please HEAR MY VOICE IN THE PROCESS—your time has come to shine and I will shine My Light through you. So many are healed—hearts, minds and souls will be healed in MY NAME ! I will use you!

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