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From the Mud to a Miracle

Updated: Apr 7, 2018

So much to be thankful for! Church was awesome this morning and it was a Rhema word for me- "From the Mud to the Miracle". Actually brings me back to when I was 15 years old and I had a vision that was extremely real in my bedroom! And the enemy's hand was on my head and pushing me down into muddied waters, telling me 'you're mine!' As soon as he said it, a strobe-type light appeared in my room and Jesus appeared with His outstretched hand. I kept reaching for His Hand and grabbed for His hand! And then woke up with my heart racing and sweating! I must say, this analogy makes so much sense to the word given today. I was a mess and needed to see clearly, and the Lord came to my rescue at a very young age. I thanked the Lord for watching over me and protecting me and my heart. I was recently hurt , betrayed and used and asked that He cleanse my heart of all impurities, i.e. bitterness, false hopes, anger, and unforgiveness.  I knew whatever stronghold I was dealing with, it was gone in Jesus' name!  I am healed inside and out. I continued to ask for Him to heal those that have been hurt, betrayed or even used. I prayed that He allow me to love them without fault! During this time He opened my eyes to the gifts that I possess and showed me that one day I was going to help Heal Hearts and He was going to do the actual "healing". I asked him to help me use my mouth- just like Ecc. 3 states- 'there is a time for everything" and I wanted to be on the Heartbeat of God! There were too many outside voices involved I needed Him to move on my behalf! I then began to say this prayer.... Father, I know you have a plan for greatness for each of us- allow us to FREELY SEE and not be blinded anymore.  allow us to be freed from bondage. I cry out for your unending mercies on each of us that sin.  Please be with us and allow us to let you do this work in us.  I will praise you and sit aside while you do your works, I will let you do it! I do not want to interfere.  Tell us when to move so that we may not miss our mark this season. WE stand on your word and wait on you! In Jesus name!

Your daughter, oxox

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