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Foundation, Father, is what I’ve learned to value. I’ve learned to wait on Your Word, Pray for what I am seeking and walk in Faith! This three month journey has blessed me spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and physically. Father, we don’t always do things perfectly and we ask forgiveness—but, show us purpose, show us unconditional love, show us connection with You conquers all! There is no GREATER LOVE! I’ve longed, searched, and desired the very love you have instilled in me.  Now, Father, I ask for it all to be reciprocated in time! Yes, Father, YOU KNOW ALL—you’ve told me this!  Please continue to work in our lives for Your purpose and not our own agendas. Please remove us and fill us with more of YOU!  I love you, Father and fully trust that you will show purpose soon!  And even give us our hearts desires in the process. You are awesome and I forever give you ALL the praise—Always & forever!

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