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Energy Revived!

God is speaking to me today and letting us know that "change is coming quickly for us who hear Him. Change will come stupendously quick! Do not allow the news around you to derail your focus from the optimum plan for your life. God wants you to know that despite your troubles, He has already made a way for you and your families. Speak out to Him today and watch things turn around stupendously fast! This is the season where things will begin to unfold and change quickly- God adores each of us and wants us to have our hearts’ desires. We must listen intently to what He is telling us now.

May. A spring month. A blooming month. A forever colorful month. Changes in our lives will unfold like the month of May has done for eons of years! Listen to Nature and adhere to their voices. They are telling you; God has great things in store for you. Before the year ends, you will see changes within your finances, your family dynamics, healing, and career transitions. God is calling out to us loudly right now to listen and take heed to the signs around us. Stay close to the Lord and watch Him cover you in all aspects of your life. Watch how your lives will change.

As change happens, make sure to proclaim the Good News! Families need to hear. Politicians need to hear. Clergymen need to hear. Teachers need to hear. Law enforcement needs to hear. Corporate offices need to hear! Your friends need to hear! Share the Good News with everyone around you! Do not hold back- these changes will come quickly- so proclaim and watch the world change one person at a time! And watch your Energies be revived!"

God has spoken.

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