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College days...

This is the beginning of a new beginning in my life…I’m going to write things down to confirm my daily thoughts…I don’t write to myself often, but I just NOW realized I wanted to steer clear of pain.  That’s why I don’t write in journals. I didn’t want to turn the pages one day and remember what I wrote in the past. Yes, the truth hurts and I didn’t want to see it, write it and believe it!  I’ll continue after kickboxing class tonight…. 11:16pm- I’m back from the gym and the SLG meeting and I’m really stressed- but this is the promise I made to myself—to write it down!  To begin, this sorority is taking a lot of my time and causing unnecessary frustration. I guess I could have sat home and been sorrowful by myself and complained about that too! But, I am really trying my best to stay level-headed about all this. The only one on my side, right now is my Lord Jesus and NO ONE can take Him away from me!  I am goig to stay firm in the Word and this Lord will push me through! The truth is, the Lord is the ONLY ONE getting me ANYWHERE! Thank you!

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