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Closed Doors...

True story- as I prepared my morning to head off to work and run a million errands to prepare for my 40th party, I gathered all my belongings around 8am and headed out the door...I unlock both deadbolts and turn my doorknob-well, it would not open! I look through the peephole thinking it was a joke and someone was holding the door shut! As I continue to fight with this door I called maintenance for help! He talked me through how to open this door with a screwdriver-it opened, but immediately shut again!! I couldn't open it again! At this moment of frustration, God spoke "stop trying to open doors that I have shut!!" I took a deep breath and realized the doors God has shut in my life and I kept trying to pry open with a screwdriver!! I truly am blessed to have realized what God was visualizing for me- He is showing me lately LOUD & CLEAR what I'm supposed to continue doing in my life! Blessed! *thank you for showing me, Father, not to try to pry open a door You have already shut in my life! Thank you! ** note- after I realized this ten minutes later I was able to open the door easily! Go figure! ❤️

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