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Brokeness--Yes, even me, broken. Why does the world look and see that nothing can possibly go wrong in my life—my outer cover is strong, hard, and beautiful yet inside I’m broken. Feel it daily. Feel my heart bleeding and yearning for God’s Love, joy, and peace!  He knows how I yearn for this and it hurts to even become vulnerable again. Please Father, take this burden and refuel me. I need a sense of being, a sense of purpose! I am drawn to those things that appease my soul & spirit. Bring those things to me, complete me, Father.  There’s a work that needs to be done. So use me!  I need YOU!  I need for you to be so LOUD and CLEAR. I know you love me like no man could. Unconditionally! I know you have a special gift for me, even in my crookedness.  Please make my crooked ways straight TODAY! I have nothing in my tank. I need YOU to fill it, with PURE fuel. PURE love, PURE joy, PURE peace! Only you can provide that fuel for me. Forgive all my sins and all inequities. I don’t like that I’m not as pure as you need me to be, but I want to be. Father, order my steps- allow me to l live life to the fullest of ALL RICHES!  Of all kinds! Allow me to see what only YOU have for me. I’m not dreaming- I know it’s out there for me! Let me see it TANGIBLY.  Thank you Father, I love you! Xox Your Daughter!

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