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Broken Heart

Sitting in my car before service at TPHND and I have so much to be grateful for.  And Lord, you know the hurts of my heart! You know the desires.  I’m a little hurt and I need your inner peace and healing. I have to stand back, yet want to intervene. Please take charge. Please show us what is right, what is truly our destiny. I don’t want to fail You! I have wanted to remain pure and have failed. Please renew a right spirit within me.  I need your utmost strength in all my weaknesses. So much in the unknown- please make visual and clear! Use me to care and move others into their destiny! Give me the pure discernment to know the difference. I pray for the hurting and confused- Please lift the veil, please give inner peace to those that are trying not to fail you. We only to please you, Father.  You have been my strength, I praise you Father and know you have an awesome gift for me. I WILL WAIT! Allow me the strength to wait on YOU! it’s not always easy- Please Help! Thank you Lord. Amen. –Your Daughter.  **he gave me this word….”YOU CANNOT RUSH WHAT NEEDS TO GROW!”

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