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A Girl's Wish II Love...

Young and vulnerable she sits, Awaiting the realness of love. No understanding of where it all fits, So she holds tight to her faith from Above. Patience is not her best virtue, she knows She’s aware of its vital importance Yet she finds the excitement of how love grows, Just as a child and their first true stance. She is hoping in the ‘newness’ of it all As she awaits the most appropriate time, Sharing all the giddy emotions that made her fall Her cry to God has been to give the ultimate sign! No explanation of the events that took place, Only knowing that she had to continue That ultimate faith, while seeking God’s face And pursing her purpose for the world to view. Inspiration has crept back in her spirit With a new breath to keep her ignited And her only wish is for her Boaz to hear it While remaining strong she prays and remains united. Her wish to love comes from within The passion resides and wants to be freed Just a girl with a dream for her ‘love’ to enter in Simply, a wish to love, I ask God to take heed!

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